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      Enter one after another! Recent domestic EVA project progress inventory

      Source: Time:2022-11-19 10:47:47 views:

      The domestic EVA industry has been developing rapidly in recent years, driven by the demand of photovoltaic and other markets. Since 2022, a number of domestic EVA projects have been pushed forward. On the one hand, the domestic EVA leader represented by Dongfang Shenghong has launched a photovoltaic-grade EVA project to further consolidate the leading low position in the domestic market, at the same time, expanding the production capacity of Eva photovoltaic materials to alleviate the supply shortage of high-end EVA products in China; at the same time, there are also Sinochem Quanzhou, Sinochem refining and chemical enterprises such as the expansion of capacity to increase domestic EVA supply; on the other hand, there is no lack of hundred Hong Chemical, Ningxia coal industry and other“New players” into the game, and strive to share in this piece of the market share. Below we review the recent progress of domestic EVA projects. Sinochem expands capacity in Quanzhou to 140,000 tonnes on November 2, the Environmental Impact Report of the construction project of the Sinochem Quanzhou 100,000-tonne-a-year Eva plant expanded to 140,000 tonnes-a-year project was announced.

      According to the briefing, the 200,000-tonne-a-year Eva plant that Sinochem Quanzhou had previously approved was completed in July, with a first phase of 100,000-tonne-a-year 2021. In June 2022, it passed independent environmental inspection and acceptance, the other 100,000 tons/year Eva plant has been delayed construction, and the prophase procurement work is being carried out. The expansion project is based on the existing 100,000 tons/year Eva plant expansion, Sinochem Quanzhou according to market development, the introduction of international advanced technology related to EVA plant, it is proposed to expand the capacity of the existing 100,000 ton/year Eva plant, that is, to add a tubular reactor after the existing dual reactor, and to improve and optimize the existing plant system, it can expand its production capacity to 140,000 tonnes per year.


      At the end of October, the EVA unit of Gulei's refinery-chemical integration project, one of nine main units of Gu Lei's refinery-chemical integration project, was successfully handed over to the Chinese government. The unit uses ethylene as its raw material, will produce 300,000 tons of ethylene-vinyl acetate resin, can effectively make up the domestic EVA market gap.


      October 20,100 Hong chemical new materials project an environmental impact assessment. It is reported that the project, with a total investment of 13.8 billion yuan, is located in the Nanshan area of Quangang Petrochemical Park, Quanzhou city. The project covers an area of about 69.38 hectares. It is planned to be completed by the end of December for trial 2024, the main construction projects include 300,000 tpa of Butane Pretreatment, 150,000 tpa of n-butane to maleic anhydride, 200,000 tpa of CO2 Recovery, 200,000 tpa of ethylene carbonate, 120,000 tpa of methyl ethyl carbonate, 10,000 tpa of acetaldehyde recovery, 45,000 tpa of partial oxidation of natural gas, 350,000 tpa of acetic acid, 100,000 tpa of vinyl acetate, 150,000 tpa of Eva Plant (Kettle Type) , 200,000 tpa of Eva plant (Tubular Type) , 250,000 tpa of Butane Pretreatment (including 100,000 tpa of Isobutane) , 150,000 tpa of N-butane to Maleic Anhydride, 150,000 tpa of BDO, 50,000 tpa of PBS plant, 46,000 tpa of Eva Plant.


      October 13, Jiangsu Hongjing new materials 200,000 tons of photovoltaic-grade EVA project、Environmental Impact Assessment for public works and ancillary facilities projects approved. Eva projects, the investment amount of 2.585 billion yuan,Production of the 2024 is scheduled to commence in October(Basell Lupotech T)Tubular process。

      On September 7, the opening ceremony of the new materials project was held at the Lianyungang petrochemical base. Shenghong chemical new materials project is mainly based on new energy materials, planning and construction of 700,000 tons/year Eva, Po/SM and polyol, high-end polyolefin and other projects. After the completion of the project, Dongfang Shenghong Eva production capacity will reach 1 million tons per year, of which the global market share of photovoltaic-grade EVA will be more than 40% , ranking first in the world。


      On September 27, the state energy group held the second batch of key projects centralized start-up ceremony, Ningxia Coal Company 100,000 tons/year EVA project as one of the formal start-up projects.

      The total investment of the project is estimated to be 2.37 billion yuan, and the production of EVA products covers many fields such as photovoltaic film, cable material, foamed shoe material, hot melt adhesive, agricultural film and so on. After the implementation of the project, the demand for ethylene will increase, which can increase the amount of naphtha processed, which can solve the problem of unbalance in the ethylene plant of the olefin phase II project and the problem of unbalance in the load of the various process units, at the same time can achieve polyethylene product differentiation and high-end, promote the development of polyolefin industry in depth. It is reported that the EVA project is planned to be put into production in December 2025, to use exxonmobil's kettle process. The main raw materials are ethylene from olefin phase II project and imported vinyl acetate. The auxiliary materials are isobutene, n-butane, iso-alkane solvent oil and iso-dodecane solvent. Production of 9 brands of EVA products.


      September 19, Guangxi Huayi Energy Chemical Industry methanol olefin and downstream deep processing integration project vinyl acetate plant process package preparation and basic design evaluation results announced, at the same time start the EVA device basic design tender announcement. The project is located in the Qinzhou petrochemical industrial park in Guangxi province, with a total investment of 11.8 billion yuan, the main projects are 1 million tons/year methanol-to-olefin plant, 300,000 tons/year vinyl acetate plant, 250,000 tons/year pipe-type Eva plant and 100,000 tons/year kettle-type Eva plant.


      On September 21, the Yulong Island Refining and Chemical Integration Project 2 # 500,000 tons/year high-pressure polyethylene (EVA/LDPE) unit officially started construction, shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co. , Ltd. , Tianjin Chenda Engineering Supervision Co. , Ltd. and project-related personnel participated in the opening ceremony.



      On September 16, the 200,000-ton-a-year EVA project of tianli high-tech petrochemical company was successfully put into operation and produced high-pressure polyethylene products, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent production of high-quality EVA products.