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      Weihai Qunlai
      Trading Co., Ltd.

      POE material

      Name:POE material


      Main Products:LEB6550

      Brief introduction:

      POE is a Polyolefin Elasto-mer (polyolefin elasto-mer) formed by the copolymerization of ethylene A olefin, such as ethylene-octene copolymer, ethylene-butene copolymer and ethylene-hexene copolymer. POE in the narrow sense refers to ethylene- octene copolymer [Poly (ethylene-L) ; octene) or a number of Ethylene-l-octene-copolymer; also called EOC(CA number 26221-73-8). It has a high octene mass fraction (< 20% is plastic, > 20% is elastomer; generally refers to the latter), a low density, and a narrow molecular weight distribution; a copolymer It has a narrow distribution and a certain degree of crystallinity. The crystallized polyethylene (PE) in the structure exists in the side chain of the amorphous copolymer. The crystallized PE chain is used as a physical cross-linking to bear the load, and the non-crystallized ethylene and octene long chains provide the elasticity.

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