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      Weihai Qunlai
      Trading Co., Ltd.

      Talent Recruitment

      Weihai Qunlai Trading Co., LTD. Online recruitment, invites you to join!

      Job wanted: Sales Manager

      Job Description:

      Responsible for the company's product sales, new customer development and old customer maintenance;

      Make sales forecast, make sales plan, achieve and exceed the sales target set by the company;

      Keep abreast of market changes and customer dynamics, adjust sales strategies, and fulfill sales requirements on time;

      Job Requirements:

      College degree or above;

      International trade, biochemistry, pharmaceutical, marketing and other related majors are preferred (fresh graduates are also welcome);

      Have a keen sense of market, rich marketing skills, love sales, strong ability to work under pressure, can take the initiative to complete the work;

      Salary Package:

      Pay five social insurance and one fund, two days off per week, legal holidays, holiday benefits, salary negotiable;