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      Weihai Qunlai
      Trading Co., Ltd.

      Corporate Culture

      CoreValues: Integrity, Innovation, Humanism And Harmony

      Integrity is the foundation, reliable foundation and development treasure of an enterprise. First, be honest with customers, second, employees, third, shareholders, fourth, government and fifth, society.
      Without innovation, there is no development. Innovation is the soul of enterprise progress and the inexhaustible power of enterprise progress. First, cultural innovation, second, management innovation, and third, technological innovation.
      People orientation is the key to the success of an enterprise. Put people orientation, respect and care for people first in management, and be the confidant and intimate person of customers, employees and shareholders; Only by learning can we succeed.
      Harmony is a form of beauty, which can unite people and strength to achieve great things. Establish a harmonious working and living environment internally and a harmonious cooperation and development platform externally, making contributions to the harmonious development of society.
      Enterprise Motto: Keep Your Word And Act Accordingly
      We must believe what we say and do what we do, so that our words and deeds will be consistent, and we will not do anything without words.